I need a new lung.

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My dear! I know you are out there.


School friends scattered nationwide, former work associates, and you, people of great heart, I desperately seek your help.

This nauseating truth, which is hardly acceptable to me and has long made my life quite abnormal, is an incurable disease called LIMPHANGIOLEIOMIOMATOSIS (LAM), which was diagnosed in my body in 2007.

Doctors from the Silesian Pulmonary Diseases University Medical Center of Zabrze made it clear from the very beginning: there is no chance of recovery, and only some hope of halting the progression. I was hospitalized, but now it is already known: not only it proved completely ineffective, but also the disease is progressing very fast. There are no medications left to treat me...The rupture of my left lung, which occurred last June, and a tremendous impairment of my respiratory system, which forces me to use oxygen even at home, demonstrate a true invasion of my condition.


Lung transplant is the only alternative that could save my life.


Lung transplant is not common in Poland yet. As a matter of fact, a few surgeries a year is a drop in the ocean of needs. I knew two women, my dear mates from the hospital rooms in Zabrze, who dreamt of a new lung and had great plans for their lives after transplant. And so they spent a couple of months. Sadly, they are dead now. Being aware that my six-year-old daughter might be left without her mother encourages me to raise desperately the funds needed for my transplant surgery in Vienna. Each year a hundred or so such surgeries are performed there, which actually means a shorter wait for the donor. Although for some time my whole family have been giving me all their savings for this purpose, I will not be able to raise the exorbitant €100,000 without your help.

My time is running faster now. I live life as if each day were my last, but I belong to those (perhaps naive) people who believe that all human beings are good by nature, as well as sensitive and willing to help. From my own experience, I know that helping not your family, which is obvious, but strange people can bring you great satisfaction. This is what I wish all those who decide to transfer some money to my account.

Renata Jedrak, 33 years old, Lubin

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If you know a company or organization that could help me or you could not find an answer to any of your nagging questions in the links below;

write to me:

Due to my actual helth problems i'm not able to talk to much, but in yours request of fast and direct contact, I give here a phone number to my friend who co-ordinate whole action. If you have any questions please call at:

+0048 601 217 412 - Mr. Pawel

Renata Jedrak


Reference: Help for Renata

Fundacja Europa Media, ul. Nowogrodzka 44/7, 00-695 Warszawa
IBAN Bank Account no.: PL21 1440 1387 0000 0000 0800 1588
Bank name: Nordea Bank Polska, Kielecka str. 2, 01-303 Gdynia, Poland, SWIFT code: NDEAPLP2

You can also send money using PayPal system. Please log into www.paypal.com and send money to adress: renata.jedrak@10g.pl .All ammounts from my PayPal account will be transfered into my bank account.
Renata Jędrak


Let's read some stuff below.

To tell you the truth, it is not a bedside book, but it will surely let you understand what kind of stalemate I am in.
To many of you, this will give an answer to the question why fund-raising is so important to me and why I need much more than sympathy at this stage of the disease ...

If you want to know how rare LAM is and how much time is needed to diagnose it, read the article below. Let me add only that it afflicts approximately one per million women in reproductive age... Why is lung transplantation such a big problem in Poland? You will the answer below. Some statistics: number of transplant surgeries ( note! as "many" as seven in 2006), transplant waiting times, survival rates among transplant candidates and recipients, etc. Learn the drab reality...  
download article Download the article
download article Download the article
download article Download the article

Acknowledgments to:

CP-Time of Warsaw for professional assistance and broadly understood mediation in furthering my case.
Chairman of Fundacja Europa Media for immediate and seamless opening of my charity account.
GDP Marketing&Internet of Warsaw for building my website.

In particular to:
My Mom, who devotes, with a missionary's zeal, her precious time to my family, resigning completely from her private life.
Friends, who coach me through "a positive thinking course" whenever we meet.